stilettokisses (stilettokisses) wrote in addmenow,

Charity founder, mother, crazy preggo, business machine

I'm a 25 year old local charity founder and business development specialist for the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, engaged and pregnant with my second son, 6 year old already and we live in central Florida.

I'm a bit of an ADHD crazy Hispanic nutcase mentally still a teenager mother who can't sit still and who's undying mission is to save the world. I'm an old school livejournal veteran but I took a long hiatus after some serious personal problems kind of hampered my life for a brief moment. Now I'm back on track, life moving way too fast and I'm terrified yet stoked.

When you add me please please comment and tell me on my journal page so I know. I only use the app so I may post a lot and post a shitload of pictures. I have a massive introductory post with pictures too. Just do it. Just add me and get it over with.

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