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hello there

why hello there! my name is cassie or cass, whatever you would prefer. i am twenty eight years old and currently living in saint petersburg, florida. i was born and raised in minneapolis, minnesota but ended up moving down here five years ago (still questioning that decision every single day). i've had this livejournal since may of 2002 and going back and reading some of my old entries is highly entertaining. however, i'll be completely honest... i haven't been that good at keeping up with this thing. however, after talk about it with my boyfriend, i realized how much i miss this and miss having friends on here to read about their lives/have them read about mine so i am here. i do suck at talking about myself so heres a little random facts about me:

  • i have a bachelor of science in graphic design and am currently redoing my portfolio

  • i currently work part time as a customer service rep/admin at a printing company

  • i spend my spare time watching television marathons on netflix, playing stupid games and sitting on tumblr

  • i have been to maybe like 80+ concerts. my next one is anberlin's second to last show ever.

  • i've been dating my boyfriend for a bit over a month now but am head over heels in love with him

  • i used to run a sex blog on tumblr. thats one of my dirty little secrets

  • i collect a lot of random things: disney vinylmation, shot glasses, plates, teenage mutant ninja turtle stuff, stuffed monkeys

  • i am a fan girl. not as bad as i used to be but i definitely am.

  • i have a disney annual pass and am about to get one to busch gardens too

  • television shows i like: veronica mars, dawson's creek, the oc, arrested development, greek, big brother, scandal, revenge, criminal minds, the walking dead, game of thrones, orange is the new black, chuck, new girl, the big bang theory, dexter, lie to me, the glades, the killing and so much more

as i mentioned, i really suck at talking about myself. i am down for any kinds of new friends and what not. just want some blogs to read/people to read mine.
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