「B R A N」 (sorrowfulskies) wrote in addmenow,
「B R A N」

Hi there!

I'll keep this all short and sweet :D

☆ My name is Brandie, but I may sometimes go by Neon. Which ever you pick is fine with me.

★ I work part-time (sometimes full-time) at a department store called Bealls, exclusive to Florida.

☆ I hope to take online classes here soon. My area of study will be graphic and interior design! I may do some work in web design too.

★ I'm very fandom-y. Star Trek and all of it's incantations is my main fandom, but I love Elder Scrolls, Sailor Moon, MCU, Pokemon and Fire Emblem too. (I have many other fandoms as well)

☆ I have more hobbies than I can keep up with! Writing, drawing, web, graphic and interior design, making jewelry, Netflix and the list goes on. I'm never bored!

★ I am looking for Star Trek friends, as well as those who share common hobbies!

☆ I'm very willing to read posts and comment when I have something to say. My flist is a group of friends. I hope you're looking for the same thing c:

★ My posts contain fandom discussion, memes, photos, life happenings, my creations (fic, art, jewelry etc) and other randomness. I make icons too, but that goes in my icon comm.

That's about it, let's be friends, y/y? :B
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