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I used to be very active on LJ near a decade ago, but the last few years I haven't been. Came back to find the place very dead, skimmed the friendslists of communites I friended or used to run to dig up at least a little activity, and now I'm here.

· I'm 44.
· At one time I moderated over 100 communities here on LJ. Still kicking them around to see what to keep and what to delete.
· I'm a slut, though activity in that range has dropped to nada last few years. Also, for what it's worth, I'm male.
· Basically, no matter what else can be said about me, I'm a HUGE goodball.

Mostly looking for anybody that's still actively on LJ, can sort out which of you are interesting later. Not that there's any truly boring folks on LJ, but that doesn't make everyone compatible.

Give my LJ a peek, and if you see something you like, comment and ask to be added. The old apps that just told me when someone followed me don't work anymore.

This used to be my disclaimer · Clicky! · it may need some updating.
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